T.A.P.I Gas Pipeline

SCADA and Communication Works Project of TAPI Turkmenistan Phase 214 KM Gas Pipeline


An Intergovernmental Agreement was signed between Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India on the construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) natural gas pipeline as of 11 December 2010.


T.A.P.I Project is carried out in Mary province of Turkmenistan. The overall project consists of three parts: procurement, installation, and construction. Main contractor SERBA Dynamic Sdn. Bhd, as subcontractor AG Global, is responsible for the entire equipment supply of the project. AG Global, as a Turkey-based company with experience in supplying equipment to Turkmenistan, has all the valid licenses and certificates within the scope of this project.

When system engineering is carried out, it is carried out in compliance with the operational norms of Turkmenistan regarding the technological engineering of export pipelines, legal documents on civil engineering, sanitary design standards of industrial enterprises, and international regulations. We aim for the complete delivery of interconnected works, including project, piecemeal engineering, equipment manufacture and delivery, construction and commissioning work, training of operating personnel.

We design and manufacture general-purpose industrial grade, commercially available, meeting modern international requirements for this type of equipment in accordance with the climatic and hydrogeological conditions in the construction area.

The production life index of this project is planned to be at least 30 years.